Accident and Insurance Investigations

accident insurance investgations

Accident and Insurance Investigations (Only included with Package One)

NEST staff is experienced in accident investigation and the full array of documenting requirements. Review of accident reports and inspection of all involved equipment or property damage is thoroughly documented and reported. We work closely with your insurance company to ensure that any updates are viewed and noted throughout the entire claims process to closure of the claim. We also work with DOT to ensure that any DOT reportable accident is reported in a timely manner.

  • Our staff will initially take all information from drivers or law enforcement to “Get the Facts” and pass this information to your company immediately
  • If needed and approved by your company our staff will proceed to the accident scene to document the incident with photographs and sketches
  • Our staff works closely with insurance adjusters to ensure that all facts pertinent to the incident are known and documented. This includes information updates
  • We ensure that any DOT Reportable accident which is any accident involving; 1. A Fatality, 2. An individual is transported to medical facility for treatment, 3. A Vehicle is towed from the scene, the driver is drug & Alcohol tested as soon as possible after the accident
  • As per DOT regulation we ensure that in any accident situation where the driver receives a citation that he or she is drug and alcohol tested as soon as possible after the incident

We ensure that all reportable accidents are reported to DOT in a timely manner and that any DOT requirements are met and documented

accident insurance investgations

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