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Millie Lee (Owner) is an authority in the Truck Transportation industry. She is a respected consultant for several industry corporations and is valued as an industry safety expert. Her twenty years in the industry gives her insight that not many professionals in her capacity achieve. She has worked across the nation in several positions from Director of Recruiting and Safety to Human Resources and payroll. She believes in Safety as the one factor that could breakdown an otherwise successful company. She is a visionary who started at the bottom and worked to the top as owner of the National Enforcement Safety Training Corporation where safety is the number one priority. Millie’s expertise is what successful companies look for as evidenced by the growth and success of her business. She is pursued as the subject matter expert in all transportation safety areas. She enjoys spending off time with her children including ten grand-children and thirteen great grand-children. Millie is dedicated to coaching transportation companies in accurate compliance-based documentation and in developing practical safety programs regarding DOT compliance and DOT audit assistance.

DOT Audits Collaboration

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