Auditing Daily Logs

daily driver log audit

The U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) track record for enforcement of the trucking industry’s daily log requirements makes it necessary for stringent continuous log auditing to identify potential violations that could generate unnecessary fines for your company. NEST provides meticulous oversight of your logs to ensure compliance; our staff is proactive in finding errors and identifying them to you for needed adjustments. The consequences of poor management could have significant impact on your company.

  • Log Falsification – We audit your logs against fueling and port of entry times
  • Hours of Service – We audit your driver’s logs to ensure compliance with the eleven, fourteen and seventy hour DOT regulation.
  • Form and Manner – NEST audits your driver’s logs to ensure that all required documentation is filled out in accordance with DOT regulations. This includes; Shipper documentation, miles driven, total hours, company name and address and unit numbers.
  • Violation Letters – Every month NEST will provide letters of congratulation or violation letters that your company can use as a training tool.

daily driver log audit

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