DOT Audits Collaboration

NEST is your partner during any U.S. DOT Audits. Our track record of reliability and responsiveness to your needs and concerns is recognized by the firms we provide assistance for. Our organizational skills of your company records prior to any audit provide a level of confidence and assurance that your company is in compliance with all State and federal regulations. Our mission and commitment is to provide you with the best service possible which equates to; Price, Convenience and Reliability.

  • Audit representation, our experienced staff will support your company during any DOT Audit. Our staff will come to your location to support your company and ensure you understand the full DOT audit process.
  • Compliance with hours of service and record keeping, our staff will review your logs to verify that you have complete logs for each day for the prior six months and that they are filled out completely. We ensure that you have the required daily vehicle inspection reports.
  • Perform in-house audit, prior to any scheduled DOT audit our staff will come to your facility and perform a “Mock” audit to ensure compliance. If NEST is providing safety support for your company all documents will be in compliance with DOT regulations.
  • Develop a Drug and Alcohol program, NEST will establish a drug and alcohol program through our company for testing of your employees for pre-employment, random and reasonable suspicion.
  • Develop a strategy for you to become DOT compliant. After examining all files and logs our staff will develop a workable plan for becoming DOT compliant.

Ensure Driver files are compliant. We examine your driver’s files to ensure that all DOT documentation is in-place and that all components for driver’s files are complete.

DOT Audits Collaboration

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