DOT Drug & Alcohol Consortium

Drug Testing Consortium (Only included in Package One)

Through our consortium we provide US DOT approved certificates for employees during all pre-employment and random testing. Our consortium has a one hundred dollar membership fee and provides all drug and alcohol testing requirements throughout the United States. Our testing results identify substances tested which include; Amphetamines, Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates and Phencyclidine,note that all testing is performed, recorded and reported in accordance with CFR 49 part 40.

  • For New Driver applications we set-up testing facility in accordance with your location (usually in the state/city you live in).
  • We coordinate with the applicant to ensure they know the testing facility address and phone number
  • We send pre-authorization documentation to the testing facility prior to the applicant arriving.
  • We coordinate with our drug testing administrator to receive final results and in some cases to arrange for testing in other states/cities during random testing requirements.
  • We ensure all required documents are recorded and inserted into individual driver files.
  • We ensure that all drivers in our consortium are registered and collectively pooled in a drug testing consortium for DOT regulatory random drug testing requirements.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Consortium

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