Quarterly Fuel Tax Filing

Quarterly fuel tax filing

Fuel taxes calculated by the state for miles driven and amount of fuel purchased is required by the International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA). Mileage, weight and distance calculations are essential for computation of your company’s quarterly fuel tax obligation. Miles traveled and gallons purchased by your company are carefully monitored by NEST to provide IFTA the most accurate fuel tax information.

  • If needed NEST will set-up new IFTA account, NEST will contact the motor vehicle division and set up your state IFTA identification account
  • Fuel tax filling NEST will process mileage and gallons used to calculate your IFTA tax for each state you traveled in.
  • Using your trip envelopes NEST calculates distance traveled using PC Miler; gallons used are taken from fuel reports or receipts.
  • NEST will E-file quarterly IFTA fuel tax for your company to the motor vehicle division or any other state agency requiring this filing.

Quarterly fuel tax filing

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