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NEST Safety Training Advantage

Safety training is vital because the consequences of working without it could be catastrophic to your company, your employees and their families. Some employees take safety for granted. Our mission and commitment is to provide safety training that has a positive impact on your business. Let us provide you and your employees with safety training that provides value, convenience and common sense to your company.

NEST Training Attitude

We understand that the key to successful safety training is well qualified instructors and reliable training materials that is easy to understand. We provide professional safety training that leads to a cleaner, safer, and healthier workplace. Our safety training program is second to none and will provide the solutions to achieve a sustainable safe work environment. Let our proven track record of training tailored to your specific needs make the difference for you.

NEST Training Force

We have selected the best qualified trainers, coaches and lecturers to deliver the most reliable and current safety information. Our certified instructors also have years of “on the job” experience to share with students. We promiseto provide reliable safety training that gives you peace of mind knowing that your employees are getting the best training possible.

NEST Safety Consulting

Today more than ever companies need to be proactive in demonstrating their safety knowledge and enforcement. We ensure our safety professionals are experts in the topics on which they provide guidance. Our consulting takes a no-nonsense approach to making sure you have the right tools to manage all aspects of safety in your daily operations.

NEST Workplace and Domestic Violence Training

Workplace and Domestic Violence is on everyone’s radar these days. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies across the nation discuss recognition, prevention and planning as significant aspects of workplace and domestic violence awareness training. Violent behavior, threats of violence, or any action that induces fear in the workplace is a description of workplace violence. Threats, harassment, intimidation, bullying, stalking, and hostile behavior are taught as indicators to initial workplace violence behavior. Our training increases awareness by teaching employees’recognition, intervention and preparation in any situation.


According to the FBI Bulletin dated January 2011, Volume 80, Number 1, during a workplace violence situation:

Trained Workers Untrained Worker
Are Anxious Panic
Recall (What was taught) Fall to Disbelief
Prepare (To Survive) Denial
Commit to Act Helplessness

NEST Workplace Emergency Action Plans

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) prescribes mandatory requirements for ensuring the safety of all employees during any emergency. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 29 Section 1910 standard number 1910.38 specifically addresses Emergency Action Plans. The bottom line is preparedness prior to an emergency situation that may require evacuation of employees. NEST provides detailed guidance on developing your plan and training for your employees. We can also evaluate your plan during yearly required safety drills where your plan is implemented and tested. The consequences of not having a plan in place that everyone knows and understands could be disastrous. We are committed to helping you build a plan that works for you and your employees.

NEST OSHA Training Standards

We meet OSHA training standards in several areas, our instructors are certified and have considerable hands-on training in the topics they teach. We guarantee that our classes are taught to OSHA standards and we record training for each student. In the OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour courses OSHA student cards are issued certifying the training was completed in accordance with OSHA standards.


The OSHA Top Ten-Most Accessed General Industry Standards

  1. Bloodborne Pathogens 1910.1030
  2. Hazard Communication 1910.1200
  3. Respiratory Protection 1910-134
  4. Occupational Noise Exposure 1910-95
  5. Powered Industrial Trucks 1910-178
  6. Permit Required Confined Spaces 1910-146
  7. Lock-Out/Tag-Out 1910-147
  8. Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response 1910-120
  9. Guarding Floor and Wall Openings and Holes 1910-23
  10. Personal Protective Equipment 1910-132

We certify OSHA training in:

  • 10-Hour OSHA Training Course (Workers)
  • 30-Hour OSHA Training Course (Supervisors)

(Note: OSHA Student Certification Cards are issued for both of these courses.)

NEST can train your employees on any OSHA certified safety topic and provide your employees with the most current industry information and guidance standards.

NEST Forklift Training

NEST provides specialized training for your employees. We provide required classroom training as well as qualified training on your forklift equipment. NEST issues forklift endorsement cards for each qualified forklift employee. We also maintain a database for each employee’s required three-year renewal certification and can send automatic reminders of expired forklift certifications. Forklift equipment is a valuable asset to your company and having skilled drivers is mandatory under OSHA regulations.

NEST Safety Program Development

Our specialized staff can assist or enhance the ongoing development of your safety program. We help to answer safety related questions and provide guidance on current state and federal regulations. We style and shape your program to yourspecifications and augment your staff to fully develop your program, your way.

DOT safety training & consulting services

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