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National Enforcement Safety Training.

"Our commitment, a safer America!" - National Enforcement Safety Training

National Enforcement Safety Training (NEST) was created to encourage Safety in all occupational areas and to stimulate safety thinking by all employees. We have a genuine commitment to safety for all working industries and a guardianship attitude for all individual workers. We specialize in Trucking and Transportation administrative obligations and provide safety standards that have a positive impact on that industry. Our collective experience and motivation for all industries is safety standard enforcement that is regulatory and simply; the right thing to do.
I assure you that the NEST mission and commitment is to safety of your company and all of your employees. Our track record was built on responsive action and a proactive attitude about the service that we provide. Our effort and reliability will always give you peace of mind that you are receiving the best safety guidance and just as important superior service. I realize that the consequences of poor or no safety training can be catastrophic so that is why you have my promise that our service will impact your staff in a constructive way. Our work leads to a cleaner, safer and healthier working environment for you.

People say:


Can your company provide training support in other states?

Yes, we can arrange to support your training or compliance requirements nationwide, we currently have clients in several states and have provided great training at their location. We want to be available for training and support wherever we are needed.

If my trucking company needs safety support in all areas from pre-employment applications to obtaining DOT permits can you do this?

Yes, we are available to our clients 24/7. The trucking industry does not run Monday through Friday they run seven days a week. We pride ourselves on having a staff that is responsive and available when you need them. We build our business on providing expertise and service that you expect.

Can you provide “On Site” training?

Yes, we can offer training at your facility or we can acquire a facility near you. We furnish all of the necessary resources to deliver a professional presentation including handouts for your employees to take notes on.

Does your firm offer Drug and Alcohol testing for truck driver DOT compliance's, and can you offer support under a consortium?

Yes, our staff is “Reasonable Suspicion” certified and available when your needs arise. We monitor all pre-employment drug tests for DOT compliance as well as random testing. We notify you if any of your employees are not in DOT compliance.

Can your company provide safety training that is personalized for our needs?

Yes, we provide safety training tailored to fit your requirements and schedule. No matter how big or small your training necessity is, we provide all of the resources and trainers needed.

Can you offer DOT audit assistance?

Yes, Our staff has a vast knowledge of what is required for a DOT audit. We will collaborate with your company to get all of the necessary documents and files in order and ready for the DOT audit. We also provide DOT audit assistance during the audit.

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