Transportation Services.

We're dedicated to coaching transportation companies in accurate compliance-based documentation and in developing practical safety programs regarding DOT compliance and DOT audit assistance.

DOT Audits Collaboration

Our organizational skills of your company records prior to any audit provide a level of confidence and assurance that your company is in compliance with all State and federal regulations.

Auditing Daily Logs

The U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) track record for enforcement of the trucking industry’s daily log requirements makes it necessary for stringent continuous log auditing to identify potential violations that could generate unnecessary fines for your company.

Quarterly Fuel Tax Filing

Fuel taxes calculated by the state for miles driven and amount of fuel purchased is required by the International Fuel Tax Association (IFTA). Mileage, weight and distance calculations are essential for computation of your company’s quarterly fuel tax obligation.

Vehicle Registration

NEST provides registration assistance through the International Registration Plan (IRP) for you to receive your required annual IFTA sticker. We also provide any assistance needed in obtaining Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) for multiple state registration requirements.

Heavy Duty Use Tax

Annual requirements from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for form 2290; heavy duty usage on U.S. Highways is a service we provide. NEST ensures that calculations and adjustments for this form are accurate and in accordance with all regulations.

Employment Application Process

During the application process for your company we recognize that response time is vital when hiring new employees. We provide motor vehicle department records checks and drug testing to ensure that you are hiring qualified employees.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Consortium

Through our consortium we provide US DOT approved certificates for employees during all pre-employment and random testing.


We can quickly provide assistance obtaining any permit that is required so your company can get the job done. Our goal is to help your company with the expertise to obtain any permit needed.

DOT Hazmat Training

NEST provides transportation safety training in several areas. Our professional staff are experienced and trained to provide dynamic training and DOT hazmat training that goes beyond simple classroom material.

Accident and Insurance Investigations

NEST staff is experienced in accident investigation and the full array of documenting requirements. Review of accident reports and inspection of all involved equipment or property damage is thoroughly documented and reported.

Monthly Safety Instructional Material

NEST offers monthly safety newsletters that cover a variety of transportation safety topics that keep your driver’s safe. This tool has a positive impact on driver performance on the road.

DOT Safety Training & Consulting

Our mission and commitment is to provide safety training that has a positive impact on your business. Let us provide you and your employees with safety training that provides value, convenience and common sense to your company.
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